What to do when your boss humiliates you – write in GoWork

What to do when your boss humiliates you – write in GoWork

Nowadays, there are many jobs in which employees are not comfortable due to problems with colleagues or, worse, with the boss. If your boss does not value you as you deserve, there is a very effective way for you to comment on his attitude with total freedom and without any fear. Your boss will never know that it was you because your opinion will be totally anonymous.

This will help companies improve the work environment and their employees can work at ease. How? Very simple: with GoWork. That is why in this article we will explain what to do when your boss humiliates you.

Are you humiliated at work? – recognizes workplace harassment

Today, not only is bullying suffered. Mobbing or workplace harassment can lead to serious psychological problems for those who suffer from it. What the harasser wants is to lower the person and make them lose their self-esteem so that they feel vulnerable and be able to handle them at will.

Mobbing is usually verbal, psychological, so it is more difficult to prove and requires certain external evidence such as recordings or witnesses. There are many examples of workplace harassment, it is not only based on insulting and yelling, but on ridiculing an idea or a job in front of the rest of colleagues, removing a certain degree of responsibility or ignoring the successes obtained.

However, if the victim could speak his mind and share the abuse suffered, it is possible that his situation would change. If you think you may be suffering from workplace bullying.

What to do if your boss treats you badly

Ideally, bosses and employees can talk calmly about the situation of the company they work for and be able to express themselves without any fear. The objective is to try to understand each other and smooth all those rough edges that exist between the two. However, although this situation would be idyllic, it is not always so simple. Sometimes it can happen that a worker feels humiliated by a despotic boss, a situation that must be ended as soon as possible. However, keep the following in mind:

  • You are not the only one: normally, in situations like this, if we look closely, we will see that we are not the only ones in the company who suffer such humiliations. This means that the problem is not with us, but with our boss. In addition, we must be aware that we are not alone and that there are many people in the world with experiences similar to yours.
  • The situation will make you stronger: keep in mind that everything is experience and that what you have experienced will make you stronger than before. Sometimes it helps to think that it is not something personal and that it is even possible to learn from experience and realize that we do not deserve to be treated this way, either at work or personally.
  • Seek moral and emotional support: Sometimes all we need is to feel like someone is on our side. Find a support network or platform to be able to vent and face that crisis you are going through. Getting in touch with other people who understand you can be the key to stop hiding, turn the page and be able to renew professionally.
  • Do not shut up, report: we have to learn to set limits and value ourselves more. Therefore, if a situation becomes unbearable, do not shut up, do not hold out and report the facts. For this, there are many platforms where you can do it anonymously and, thus, you can help more people who are going through the same situation. One of them is GoWork.

How to act when humiliated – report it to GoWork

More and more platforms on the Internet to express labor injustices. One of them is GoWork, a platform whose intention is to create a community between companies, educational centers and job seekers that serves to communicate with each other. The idea is to make the most of all the potential offered by social networks to create enriching professional links between related sectors.

  • Public complaint: one of the most incredible functions of this portal is based on publicly reporting the existence of certain irregularities or toxic situations that occur in the workplace. It is possible that some workers are having a hard time because of bad colleagues who prevent the task from developing normally. However, it is also possible to find certain abuses of power or authority, to the point of becoming a labor crime committed by the boss or employer.
  • Discrimination based on race, sex, religion or sexual orientation: within these problems all kinds of issues can be raised that are normally very difficult to tackle, such as discrimination based on race, sex, religion or sexual orientation. What you have to do is clearly state the problem to try to establish a solution. The opinions are completely anonymous so that the person concerned is not defenseless and can express themselves freely.
  • The company must take the next step: once the problem has been put on the table thanks to the help of this type of platform, now it is the company that has to take the next step. How? The best way is to analyze the causes that have originated it and find answers and solutions.

This type of initiatives created in the network have spread its vision throughout the world. The purpose is to make dialogue a consistent and strong instrument for resolving conflicts, not creating them. That is one of its main objectives: to end the discomfort of the worker to continue in the search for the best job.

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