What are the legal requirements to open an online store?

What are the legal requirements to open an online store?

The most important commercial centers in the world, crossing borders of all kinds. Thanks to it, we can buy products from anywhere in the world from our own home, with the savings in time and money that this entails. For this reason, most businesses have also expanded online to offer their products and services. Given its importance, here we explain what the legal requirements are to open an online store.

Steps to follow:

1. Opening an online store expands our business opportunities almost infinitely, since anyone with Internet anywhere in the world can become a potential buyer, with the importance that this has. Therefore, managing our online store correctly is more than necessary.

2. Generally, the requirements are very similar to sell in an online store than to sell in a physical business, since we carry out an economic activity in both. There are some that it follows that they are not necessary by their very nature, such as the need to obtain an opening license.

3. Among the general requirements that we will have to meet, are to register in the Economic Activities Tax, request the Tax Identification Code and register as self-employed in Social Security, in the event that we are creating a new company that is going to carry out economic activity.

If we are only going to offer a portal for online sales of an existing business, we will have to modify the Economic Activities Tax of our business.

4. On the other hand, we have the obligation to publish on the website all the data that allow us to identify our company, such as its name, registered office, CIF, email and telephone number of contacts and negotiation conditions.

5. In addition, since we will probably manage personal data of our clients that may be from name and telephone number to bank accounts, we must comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Law.

6. Finally, we find another law, the Retail Trade Law, which regulates the conditions of distance selling, in which the seller and buyer do not have a physical meeting. It is in charge of regulating the payment conditions, shipping terms or information that must be displayed about the product, among other things.

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