Being a good businessman is usually synonymous with success and prosperity, but like all good things in life, reaching this goal involves many sacrifices. There are many responsibilities and risks that a good businessman assumes, from putting up his own money to start a business, to complying with the Treasury, with current regulations and laws or with his employees. That is why we explain what the employer’s labor obligations are that should not be overlooked.

Steps to follow:

1. The employer’s labor obligations include a series of aspects in which the company must ensure that current regulations are complied with, as well as that all activities are carried out correctly and as planned.

2. These subjects are quite broad, from those related to the prevention of occupational hazards, for which there are alternatives such as occupational hazard prevention courses that are taught on a mandatory basis in companies in order to inform employees about of this important regulation, until the fulfillment of the obligations with the social security.

The employer must determine which is the applicable Collective Agreement in labor relations between the employees and the company, so that both know what to expect when there is some kind of conflict between them.

3. It is also important to respect all the provisions agreed in the Workers’ Statute, in such a way that all labor rights such as strike or rest and all labor duties such as minimum safety and hygiene that are provided in it are met.

4. In addition, the employer must also carry out the pertinent obligations with the Treasury and the employees, in such a way that it complies with the General Law of Social Security. This includes many situations to consider, some of the main ones are:

  • Affiliate and register all workers to the Social Security regime that corresponds to them.
  • Enter the part corresponding to the quotation fee.
  • Carry out the corresponding measures in the event of death, sick leave, maternity leave, or any other circumstance that prevents employees from working.

5. Make the work environment a safe place and with sufficient measures to act in the event of a catastrophe of any kind, in accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Risk Prevention Law, since the safety of workers is the responsibility of the employer. Some relevant action measures are:

  • Plan action measures and equip the workplace with the necessary means and structures to deal with a risk situation of any kind.
  • Periodically carry out controls that ensure that the security measures are in full force.

Provide all the necessary information and training to workers so that they can act in a risky situation.


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