How to start a career in marketing?

How to start a career in marketing

How to start a career in marketing?

You just started or are about to start your career in marketing. You might be  wondering how to start a career in marketing? And what kind of career plan you should make in the future as a marketer? If you cannot making a good career plan and have a clear picture in mind, it would be difficult to make it in the marketing world. Read on.

How to start a career in marketing
Have you just started or are about to start your career in marketing? You might be  wondering how to start a career in marketing and what kind of career plan you should make in the future as a marketer? I answer these questions in this article.

How to start a career in digital marketing?

A marketing person who analyzes consumer needs in detail and plans products and services.

It is a flower-shaped occupation in companies that understand the importance of marketing. Especially in the advertising industry, IT industry, and Web industry–and is a popular occupation mainly for the younger generation.

With the rise of web marketing, marketers in recent years have become more complex than ever before.

What is a marketing career plan?

Even if you say a career plan for a marketing job, there are various plans.

Therefore, when working as a marketing person, it is important to understand what kind of career plan you have and draw a concrete image.

However, depending on the client’s request, you may also have the opportunity to be involved in marketing mass advertising (TV, newspapers, etc.).

A forward-looking marketing career plan is important

In this way, when it comes to career advancement in marketing positions, people in their 20s tend to advance to seniority even if there are some differences.

It’s different on the business side and the contractor side, but this is the case for those who are constantly proposing more than the client expects.

Since marketing is an industry where young people can play an active role, the difference between those who design career plans from the beginning and those who do not will be large.

Clarify your marketing career plan

Set marketing goals

As I mentioned earlier about the flow of career plans, the most important thing in making a career plan is to set goals within yourself.

Achieving numbers is not your goal, but without a number standard, you wouldn’t know if you really did.

Needs check and improvement

However, anyone can think of a career plan, write a goal, and look at it. For that goal, you need to check “Are you achieving it?” And improve it.

Consider if there is a better way especially in marketing. Since the behavior of customers (end users) can be obtained as data, it is necessary to think based on this data. It is the “C” and “A” part of the so-called “PDCA”.

How to plan to carefully plan your marketing goals

You need to be careful when you have a clear idea of ​​what you should do and you are about to start moving. This is because the action itself becomes a goal, and it is often the case that the essential “why do you do that action?” Is lost.

The action is just a means to achieve the goal you set at the beginning, so you need to be careful not to mix up the goal and the means. Don’t forget the career plan you have set.

Break down your marketing goals and how to act efficiently

By subdividing your goals, you can prevent them from being lost. For example, divide the yearly goal into quarters (3 months) and visualize what you are doing within that.

Then you can see the movement of each quarter, and you can see the achievement rate and progress toward that goal.

If you can see your own movements, it will be easier to analyze and think about improvement measures, so you will be able to accelerate your growth.

I called it a quarter, but if you divide it into smaller monthly or weekly units, you can subdivide it further and the movement of the day should change.

By taking good care of your daily activities, you will feel that you are achieving your career plan, which will lead to great motivation.

Start up marketing plan

  1. Marketing Job Role

Organize industry-leading global brands, data-driven media publishers, and a large number of members, depending on the company’s stance on how much emphasis is placed on ” consumer insights ” in marketing activities and strategic investment. Except for some companies such as changing careers, the presence of research staff in the marketing department is more likely to be an ” assistant role”-mostly for organizations with an old-fashioned constitution.

Therefore, even in actual work, routine work such as coordination and supplier management for conducting surveys according to a predetermined frame occupies a large part.

As a result, although the way of working changed as a result of changing jobs, there are few scenes where the advanced research planning and analysis capabilities cultivated on the agency side can be utilized, so consultation and consultation with clients and brands in various industries are possible. Insight has provided a professional for, such may feel bored or cramped not.

  1. Marketing Job Transfer

For foreign-affiliated companies that are basically premised on hiring professionals, the situation is a little different, for better or worse, but especially for US companies, as long as they are in general positions, avoid regular personnel changes such as reassignment and transfer.

  1. Marketing Career Path

Except for some companies as mentioned above, which are unified as a research department on a certain scale, there are many cases where they are basically incorporated as one function / charge in the marketing department, and the size of the company. Depending on the situation, there may be a team structure consisting of several people including temporary staff, or one person may be in charge alone.

For example, a “brand manager”, which is said to be a flower in marketing, generally has a career path to be aimed at, such as a “marketing manager”, a “marketing director ”, and a “ CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) ”.

On the other hand, in the case of a researcher can say to be a side stream in marketing. The career path is structured to reach a plateau immediately due to the peculiarity of the work and the limited range of defense. And inevitably there is an opportunity to experience people management. Will be less. Conversely, it is a job type with a particularly high degree of specialization, such as a ” craftsman .”

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