How to register in the commercial register

How to register in the commercial register

For a newly created company, there are several procedures that need to be carried out, for example in the case of a public limited company. One of them consists of registering in the commercial register, essential for all those companies that are going to carry out economic activities. To facilitate the procedures, here we explain how to register in the commercial register.

Steps to follow:

1. All new companies must register in the Mercantile Registry, in a period of less than one month from when we have obtained the deeds of the same.

2. The address that we will include in the Mercantile Registry must be the same that we have included in the Statutes of the company. Likewise, we must go to the corresponding Registry regarding the address where the company is located.

3. The documents we need to carry out the registration are:

  • Certificate of company name
  • Copy of deed
  • Photocopy of the receipt of the liquidation of the Patrimonial Transfer Tax

4. At the time of registration, we must pay a provision of funds, which is usually around 180 euros. After this, our company will be registered in the Mercantile Registry.

5. In the event that we do not register our company in the corresponding period, we may have to pay a fine that varies between 300 and 2500 euros.

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