How to register for the Economic Activities Tax

How to register for the Economic Activities Tax

When creating a new business, there are many procedures that we must carry out yes or yes. One of them, especially important, is to register for the Economic Activities Tax, since paying taxes on the benefits we obtain is very important if we want everything to go correctly and not be penalized. To make this step a little easier for you, here we explain how to register for the Economic Activities Tax.

Steps to follow:

1. The Economic Activities Tax is a local tax, that is, belonging to our City Council or municipality. We must also highlight that it is mandatory for any company that carries out an economic activity, whether it is carried out in a local or not, so we must request it.

2. We must go to the Treasury or our City Council, with our ID or CIF, depending on whether we carry out our activity individually or formalized in a company.

3. We will request and complete forms 840 and 848. The first of them is the one corresponding to the Economic Activities Tax, and the second is to communicate the net amount of our business volume.

4. We will have to pay a registration fee when registering, which will depend on the activity we carry out or the place, among other variables.

5. Likewise, we must register at least ten days before starting our economic activity.

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