How to reduce the effort of establishing a company? The merit of establishing a company and working instead of a sole proprietor is great. Incorporation makes it easier to gain trust, which may expand the range of sales and recruitment activities, and can also be advantageous in terms of tax measures.

However, there are many troublesome procedures for establishing a company. When you become a sole proprietor, you submit one business start notification to the government office and it is completed, but when it comes to establishing a company, it is not so easy. I think that there are many people who have already started their own business and do not save their resources in the procedure for establishing a company. In such a case, why not rely on a judicial scrivener? You can take care of the process so much that it should go much smoother than arranging everything yourself.

How to Reduce the Effort of Establishing a Company?

What can be left to the judicial scrivener, what cannot be left?

In the first place, if you ask a judicial scrivener to act for the establishment of a company, how much can you leave it to us?

A judicial scrivener can handle almost all the procedures. By the way, you also have the option of asking an administrative scrivener instead of a judicial scrivener. However, although the administrative scrivener will support the preparation of documents, please note that the registration procedure itself for establishing a company with the Legal Affairs Bureau cannot be entrusted to you.

In addition, the judicial scrivener can also perform procedures when company information such as company address, business, officers, etc. changes. It is also possible to make a contract as an advisor to the company. There is a wide range of things that can be entrusted to a judicial scrivener, so it is a great advantage to meet a reliable judicial scrivener when starting a business.

However, when starting a business in fields such as restaurants, antique dealers, liquor sales, and long-term care businesses, it may be better to leave it to an administrative scrivener. Only an administrative scrivener can handle the procedures for various permits and automobiles used in the company.

Flow when entrusting the establishment of a company to a judicial scrivener

If you ask a scrivener to set up a company, the flow will be as follows. It depends on the judicial scrivener office (hereinafter referred to as the office), but this time we will focus on the general flow.

  1. Submit basic information about the company you want to establish 

No matter which office you ask, you must first provide basic information about the company you want to establish. Information to be included in documents required for procedures such as trade name (company name), head office location, and business purpose. This step is often heard at the office, but depending on the office, it may be OK by phone or Skype.

  1. Wait (the office prepares the documents)

The office will prepare the documents while referring to the submitted information. The “Articles of Incorporation,” also known as the company’s constitution, are also created in this step.

  1. Confirm and seal the documents and deposit the registration fee

After completing the documents at the office, go to the office with your company seal and registration fee. While checking the finished documents, seal them and deposit the registration fee with a judicial scrivener. By the way, there are multiple types of company seals, which is a little complicated, but in some cases, they can help you with your order in one step. If you do not have one, please check with an administrative scrivener.

  1. Wait (the office certifies the articles of incorporation at the government office)

I will wait again. In this step, the office will go to the notary public office to apply for certification of the articles of incorporation. It takes a lot of time and effort to certify the articles of incorporation by yourself. You may spend several days just doing this step, such as going to the post office to buy revenue stamps or checking the notary’s schedule in advance.

  1. Transfer the capital

You may pay the registration fee in step 3 at the same time as you deposit it. When the capital is transferred individually, there are many situations where the name of the account or the name of the payer printed on the passbook is lost. I’m grateful that you can always consult and complete the procedure.

  1. Wait (the office applies for registration)

This is another step to wait for. A judicial scrivener goes to the Legal Affairs Bureau to apply for registration of the establishment of a company. The date when this judicial scrivener applies for registration of company establishment is the “company establishment date”. By the way, the “founding date” is the date when you started the business regardless of whether you have a company or not, so make no mistake.

  1. Completion of establishment registration

Following the flow up to this point, the establishment registration is finally completed. It depends on the Legal Affairs Bureau you applied for, but as a guide, it will be one to two weeks after the application for registration. When you complete the registration of establishment, you will be able to obtain a “registered copy” and “company seal certificate” and you will be certified as having established the company.




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