When opening a restaurant there are many points that we must study. You need to have a good business plan and understand that it can be a long process. On the other hand, it is a great business adventure in which we will need time and money. For all this, it is necessary to know how to open a restaurant, and here we will explain it to you.

Steps to follow:

1. The first thing we have to be clear about when opening a restaurant is the business model. For this, it is essential to determine what type of food and service we want to provide, as a fast-food restaurant will not be the same as a gourmet restaurant. Think about the pros and cons of each of these businesses, studying the competition in the area where you want to locate.

2. You need to create a business plan. This tool will be very useful if at any given time we need financial help; And it is that without a business plan it will be very difficult for a bank to approve a loan for us.

3. This business plan should have some key points. We must give a description of our business as well as the potential clients we want to reach. The financial part is the most important, thus including the capital we have, which are the fixed costs (premises, rent, licenses and goods, among others), as well as the benefits that are expected to be achieved.

4. In this business plan it will also be necessary to talk a little about our marketing strategy, which is really important to open a restaurant.

5. Choosing the location can be difficult. We must first locate the area and then make a study of all the premises for sale or rent. Let’s think in advance what kind of services we want this place to have, as well as the space to be able to propose a table scheme.

6. Once we have seen all the premises, we will have to choose the one that best suits our budget and offers the best conditions. A good place, for example, can be one that needs little money to reform it, as this will avoid extra expenses.

7. Our premises must comply with all the security laws established in our country. If we are not sure how to do it, we can always hire a professional who is informed about this type of law. This will prevent us from having problems later when opening.

8. If we have solved the financial problem of financing and we already have the premises, we cannot forget to register our company. We need a business license for restaurants, because without it we will not be able to open the doors of our new restaurant.

9. When opening a restaurant, it is best to have legal matters handled by a professional. This will save us time and avoid possible problems, because unless we are specialized lawyers in this matter, we will surely miss things that may be important.

10. If we want our restaurant to work, we must prepare a competent menu with good prices and excellent quality. Both this and the decoration of the premises are essential points for our restaurant to fit in well with our public.

11. When opening a restaurant there are essential points such as contact with local producers. It is interesting to know the options of providers that we can find in our area, always looking for a good value for money.

12. Although surely in our business plan we will have already foreseen the hiring of employees, once we get the licenses it will be time to get on with this issue. We must make a selection of cooks, managers, waiters and all those professionals that we need.

13. Finally, when opening a restaurant, it is essential to have an opening to match. First, we can focus on the people of the neighborhood, although depending on the budget we can launch much more ambitious initial campaigns focused on attracting more people.


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