The computer has become today a key tool for most people and businesses. That is why qualified professionals are needed to advise, market and repair electronic and office equipment. If you are thinking of taking a step forward and setting up your own computer business in this sector, here we help you with this article on how to open a computer store.

Steps to follow to open a computer store:

Step 1-Business formation

When opening a computer store, one of the first things you will have to decide is whether you are going to work as a self-employed person, you are going to create a limited company (SL) or self- employed (SA), a real estate company, you are going to open one franchise of a chain, etc. In the Chamber of Commerce of your region they will be able to advise you on the subject and the procedures to be carried out.

Step 2- Decide the space for your business

Likewise, it will be necessary to have a premise to be able to open the computer store with the permits in order. In case you do not have your own space, it may be a good idea to resort to renting commercial premises. Regarding the size of the premises, you should take into account that you will probably need it to be large enough to install a warehouse, where you can store computer equipment -sometimes of considerable dimensions- and also be able to repair damaged equipment.

Step 3- Find a good  location

Regarding location, we recommend looking for a busy commercial area or close to business centers and / or studios, as this will attract potential customers to your computer store. Likewise, you can also look for premises in shopping centers in your locality or in areas where there is still no offer of this type and you can cover your business opportunity.

Step 4- Hire qualified personnel

 In some cases, you may be interested in finding qualified personnel to help you in the computer store. If you are an expert on the subject and will be the one in charge of the more technical aspects, it may be useful to find a person to help you with the subject of sales or other aspects related to computer business.

Step 5- Keep accounting transactions

 It will be essential that you know how to keep the accounting of your business, to have an exhaustive control of the expenses and income of your computer store. This is not a trivial task, but it will be essential to keep an account book and then pass accounts to the corresponding Administration. For this reason, in many cases, it is very useful to have the support of an online account manager, with professionals at your service who will help you keep the store’s accounting up to date.


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