The bicycle is one of the best means of transport, since in addition to not polluting and respecting the environment, it is healthy for the human body. Likewise, young and old can enjoy bike rides and excursions throughout the year.  Therefore, opening a bicycle store can be a great idea and a good business option. If you are considering it, here we explain some tips on how to open a bicycle shop.

If you are considering opening a bicycle shop. We explain some tips on how to open a bike shop that might be helpful in this new venture.

Decide the type of business for your bike shop “Self-employed or create a Limited company”

1. When opening a bicycle shop, one of the first things you must decide is whether you are going to work as a self-employed person, to create a limited company (SL) or self- employed (SA), a real estate company, you are going to open a franchise of a string, etc. You should base yourself on your interests and needs; in the same way, the Chamber of Commerce of your region will be able to advise you on the subject and the procedures to be carried out.

2- How much space do you need for a bicycle shop?

The minimum recommended aisle width is 54 inches (4 feet, 6 inches). This provides enough space for one person to run one bike. To accommodate simultaneous users, the recommended minimum aisle width is 72 inches (6 feet). Account for door clearance and entry and exit flows.

You will need a space large enough and with the permits in order to open your bike shop. In case you do not have your own space, it may be a good idea to resort to renting commercial premises.

Keep in mind that you will need enough space for the store, but also a warehouse where you can store the bikes and be able to repair them in case you also offer this service.

3- Location

The location to locate your bicycle shop will depend a lot on each location, but you should always look for a busy and easily accessible place. In the same way, you can also look for premises in shopping centers or areas where there is still no offer of this type and you can cover your business opportunity.

4- Suppliers

Choosing suppliers will be another of the basic steps when setting up a bicycle shop, so you should invest enough time to consult different bicycle manufacturers and compare which one offers the best option.

5- Finding Your bike shop staff

You may also need to find staff to work in your bike shop, to help you serve customers, but also with other aspects such as managing accounts or other tasks that you can delegate.

6- Keeping accounting of your bicycle shop

And it is that, to achieve success and profitability, the task of keeping your business accounting will be essential; This will imply following an exhaustive control of the expenses and income of your bicycle shop. It is a tedious but mandatory task, so in many cases it is very useful to have the support of an online Account Manager, with professionals at your service who will help you keep the store’s accounting up to date.


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