How to make a franchise successful

How to make a franchise successful

The franchises are business models that have seen the crisis considerably increased their number. And it is that we no longer speak only of brands such as Burger King or McDonald, to name two specific cases, now franchising is a trend that has spread to all sectors of the economy. Therefore, here we show you how to make a franchise successful, so you will be able to combine your business idea with a company that brings you benefits.


Franchises employ almost 250,000 people, a significant fact, since the registry has experienced an increase of 4.5% in the last year alone. Thus, the food sector continues to be the favorite to develop this particular business model. However, if your interest is focused on another sector, do not give up: aesthetics and beauty as well as technology are also on the rise.

Keys to successful franchising

There is no recipe or magic potion to start a business model as particular as this one. However, for a franchise to be successful it requires, at least, the execution of the following tasks:

1.- Planning. Starting a successful venture, especially if it is a franchise, requires a high dose of planning and strategy on your part. This means that you must analyze in detail various aspects of the activity on which you want to start a franchise, the results it generates in the short and long term, in addition to the support provided by the brand in which you are going to franchise you.

These supports are diverse and cover not only the use of the brand and its corporate identity, but also a geolocation study, investment conditions, infrastructure loan, furniture and design, as well as a network of communication actions.

2.- Investment. The franchise model has grown in recent times due, in part, to lower costs. However, it is necessary to have a comparative analysis of the offers offered by the different brands. Once compared, the results obtained will help you to verify the difference that exists between them.

3.- Location. Establishing a franchise will be of no use if it is in the wrong place. To be convinced of the success of this initiative, you must confirm that it is located in the optimal place according to your objectives and interests. Thus, you must analyze your target audience and competition, to avoid cannibalism between establishments.

4.- Marketing. In the same way, you will not achieve your purposes if you do not publicize your franchise. Thus, you must study and analyze a correct marketing campaign, both traditional and digital, that make you known, improve your brand image and loyalty to the audience.

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