How to know if a store has an opening license

How to know if a store has an opening license

It may be that at some point we decide to set up a business in an existing premises, office or warehouse in which economic activities have previously been carried out. Since we would be creating a new company, we would have to comply with the relevant procedures. However, as the place has already been active, we could take advantage of some circumstances such as its opening license. In this article we will explain how to know if a store has an opening license.

Steps to follow:

1. The opening license is a license granted by the City Councils, which allows us to start our economic activity in a specific warehouse, office or premises. Likewise, said license guarantees that the premises meet the conditions to carry out such activity.

2. Since it is a license that is requested in the municipal entities, we must go to the own City Council of the municipality where the place is located, there we will be able to know if said ship or premises has a license, and what are the characteristics of the same.

3. If the premises have been without any activity for a period of time, it may be that we find that the opening license has expired, so we will have to request a new license.

4. It must also be considered that there are two types of license: safe activities and qualified activities. In other words, if our premises previously carried out activities as a fashion store and now, we want to set up a nightclub, the first license was probably harmless and this would not be valid, but we would need to request a new opening license, in this case the one for qualified activities.

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