The PIC code or Participant Identification Code has nine digits. It is a unique identifier that will allow organizations to submit a grant application form and that will also serve as a reference for the National or Executive Agency in its communications with the applicant / beneficiary. This code will be imposed as a standard for companies, universities and individuals when they want to process certain grants, contracts or agreements with the European Union. Here we explain everything you have to do to get the PIC code.

Steps to follow:

1. Register your organization in the European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS), if they had not previously registered.

2. Log in to the Participant Portal with the data obtained in the ECAS account and register the organization in the Single Registration System (URF), through which a Participant Identification Code (PIC, will be obtained) for its acronym in English).

3. Organizations can refer to these brief Instructions to register on the Participant Portal.

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