Workplace harassment can come from a colleague, a superior and even a boss and its consequences can lead to feeling insecure, with low self-esteem and it can go into depression. If you are suffering from this situation it is important that you know that the current legislation supports you and you have different ways to report this behavior and defend yourself. In this article I will give you some insight on how to deal with workplace harassment so that you know what to do if you are suffering from it.

How to deal with workplace harassment
Workplace harassment can come from a colleague, a superior and even a boss and its consequences can lead to feeling insecure, with low self-esteem and it can go into depression.

1. First of all, it is important that you learn to detect the signs of workplace harassment

To see if your situation is similar to any of them. In the event that you are experiencing any of them or all of them, it is certain that you are being a victim of mobbing and you should act as soon as possible.

Different treatment

When a person suffers this situation, he realizes that the treatment he receives from the partner in question is different from the one he professes to the rest of the workers. It may be that he excludes you or that he ignores you, both situations indicate that there is a problem with you and that he does not make an effort to hide it.

Insults or verbal assaults

It is also very common for people who harass, try to humiliate or disrespect, therefore, they may insult you or yell at you in front of everyone, exposing you and highlighting their superiority over you.

He speaks ill of you

Another obvious trait of a stalker is that he will try to knock you out in front of other colleagues in order to isolate you and make you feel alone in the workplace even more. It may even be the case that he invents rumors that directly affect your work and personal image.

Excess pressure:

It is also likely that he wants to burden you with work to prove to yourself that you are not able to get the volume that there is. It is a manipulation tactic that tries to make you end up giving up by not being able to work in those conditions but, do not be overwhelmed, it is doing it precisely for that purpose so it is not your fault.

Limit your promotion

Another sign of workplace bullying is that this person who is doing it to you is usually the one who prevents you from prospering in your job and, therefore, from staying stuck in the same position.


Throwing your work to the ground, yelling at you in front of your colleagues or discussing an idea in a meeting in an arrogant way are different forms of workplace harassment. Ridicule is also usually a tool used by these people who want it is that you end up abandoning your job feeling little prepared to continue.

2. React

If you live in any of the situations mentioned above, it is most likely that we are facing a case of workplace harassment and, therefore, you have to act as soon as possible to defend your position in the company and, above all, defend your professionalism. The first thing is that you react immediately, if you feel that someone is putting all their effort in making you leave the company it is because they are mobbing so do not accept it as something more of your work or get used to the mistreatment of a colleague, start acting immediately to defend yourself.

3. Report it

You should know that workplace harassment is contemplated in the law and, therefore, it is important that if you have a workers’ union in your company, you go to them to tell what is happening and that they have proof of your situation. Once you have met with them, they will do an investigation and follow up on what you have told them; They will do it with all possible discretion to prevent your days in the company from being an ordeal.

  • In this sense, if you have evidence(documents, phone calls, emails, etc.) that can prove this abuse, do not hesitate to provide it so that they are aware of what you are experiencing and can act as soon as possible. The union is the intermediary that will defend you before your colleagues or superiors in order to defend your rights as a worker.

4. In the event that your boss is the person who is mobbing you, the first thing we have to do is make a meeting with him to exchange opinions and try to improve the situation. It may be that he has to tell you something about the way you work that has changed or, simply, with a touch of attention, modify his way of dealing with you. In the event that the situation does not improve, we recommend that you also attend the workers’ union.

  • What happens if there is no union in your company? Then you will have to go to the Human Resources department(HR) which is responsible for dealing with any situation that affects the company’s labor relations and, therefore, they can help you deal with what is happening. This department can also help you change departments, an option that is made when there is no possible solution.

5. Courts of Justice

If after reporting it to the union or human resources, the situation does not improve, the final step is to go to the Courts of Justice to report the workplace harassment. Many times, the HR department of the company does not want to interfere in this situation. If this happen that is when you will have to go directly to justice to be able to defend yourself. This is a way to report your situation externally and there are two ways to do it:

  • Issue an administrative complaint at the Labor Inspectorate
  • Make the complaint through the courts
  • In addition to taking these actions to defend your position in the company, you should also act on a psychological level against workplace harassment. Since it is a type of psychological abuse that can seriously affect your self-esteem and the security you have in yourself within the environment labor.
  • For this reason, maintaining a high level of self-esteem is important so as not to collapse in this situation. In the event that you are seriously harmed, here we recommend that you go to a psychologist. This will help you clear your mind and trust your abilities again. In this article we give you some tricks to raise your self-esteem.


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