As is widely known, every time we want to create a new company, be it civil, anonymous, limited or of any other type, there are a series of procedures that we must follow if we want everything to go well.  In general, these procedures are very similar from one company to another, but all have their specific characteristics. So that you can get to know them without problems, in this article we will explain what the procedures are for creating a civil society.

Steps to follow:

1. First, we will have to draw up a public or private contract between the partners who will be part of the company. In said contract we will specify matters such as the name of the company, the partners, the purpose or activity to be carried out. It is not necessary, but if convenient, the contribution of a minimum initial capital.

2. In the corresponding Tax Office, and with the previous document present, we must carry out the following procedures and complete these documents:

  • Registration in the Tax on economic activities.
  • Request for the Tax Identification Code.
  • Liquidation of the Patrimonial Transfer Tax, in the event that the partners decide to contribute capital or assets.

3. Other procedures have to be carried out at the Social Security offices; these would be the following:

  • Registration in the Self-Employed Social Security Regime, at most 30 days after starting the economic activity.
  • If we plan to hire workers, in the same office we will request the employer’s number.
  • Also, we will have to request the opening of the work center, if we return to carry out economic activity after a period without doing so or if we start the activity initially.

4. Finally, there are some other procedures that are not mandatory, and that will only be carried out according to the needs of the new society. It should be noted that all these procedures will be carried out at the City Hall where the company is located.

  • Activities and Facilities License
  • Change of ownership of a business


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