How to choose my company logo

How to choose my company logo

One of the elements that characterizes the company and plays a fundamental role is the logo. It is made up of an image and typography and must be thought taking into account what we want to convey. It is a way to present a company quickly through a visual stimulus. A good logo will be in accordance with the type of company and will have been designed thinking about its values. It may seem superficial, but who doesn’t remember the Coca-Cola or Apple logo? The objective is to establish communication between our company and the public through the logo emblem. Here we will explain how to choose a logo for your company.

Steps to follow:

1. The first thing to think about is what you want to convey with the logo. Do you want to generate tranquility, confidence, happiness? All this series of sensations are created by choosing a suitable color, the correct typeface and an image. If we achieve that these 3 elements complement each other taking into account the image we want to show, there will be more possibilities that the public perceives it that way.

A logo that attracts attention will increase the chances that it will remain in people’s minds and that it will be remembered in this way. It is not only about focusing on being original, but we must think that it reflects the spirit of the brand. If we comply with this, we will have gained two things: the first, the logo will attract attention; the second will be consistent with the company, which will build public trust.

2. Other factors to take into account to know how to choose a logo for your company is that it must adapt to the different formats in which it will be presented. If, for example, your logo appears small in all sections of your web page, in the corner of a magazine or because you are viewing it from afar or through the screen of a smaller device. The logo must be easily recognizable in different dimensions. In the same way, you should think about whether it would make sense in black and white if your logo is in color.

3. Your logo must be unique so that it is associated with your company and not with any other. It is not necessary to look for complexity when creating a logo, but to look for simplicity and originality. Something simple will be easier to perceive and be understandable, but it is also more difficult to create, even if it seems contradictory. For example, the Puma logo is a jumping puma. It is something easy to remember and is in keeping with a sporty image, since a puma transmits strength, agility and speed. This is the idea with which we can think of a brand; It is consistent with the image that the company wants to convey and is original.

4. Another tip for knowing how to choose a logo for your company is to think that it must be able to adapt to changes that occur over time. A company is created thinking that it will last for a long time, so the logo must be designed in the same way. There are many examples of companies that have had to make significant changes to the logo in order to adapt, while others have hardly changed it.

5. The decision of how to choose the logo is important. For this reason, perhaps it is better to share ideas with other members of the company, in order to find common goals and try to bring them together to think about the logo. If all the creators of the company are clear about the values ​​and the image that you want to convey, you will be able to contribute more ideas that are consistent with the logo you want to create. If the creator is a person, perhaps you should wait a while after thinking about the logo, to find out if in the end it is boring or if, on the contrary, you like it more and more over time. In this process, you can create different logos, to see which one you like the most and which one is losing the virtues that you had initially seen.

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