With the crisis, many entrepreneurs have been in a situation of having to transfer their business, since they could not continue managing them. Also, the other side of the coin is that many people have found the opportunity to manage an already started business, without having to create a company from scratch. There are some procedures that we have to carry out, including changing the ownership of the business, here we explain how it is done.

Steps to follow:

1. Before assuming the great responsibility that means taking charge of a business that is not ours and that it passes into our hands, we have to verify that everything is in order and up to date with the payments and the corresponding licenses. Some of the key points to keep in mind are:

  • That he is up to date with all payments with the Treasury, Social Security and his workers.
  • With all the supplies and suppliers of the necessary material.
  • With those to whom the ownership of the premises or the machinery used may belong.

2. It is important to bear in mind that in order to carry out the transfer, the company in question must have been active at some point from the last six months to the present.

3. We will need to have a series of documents on hand to carry out the transfer, these would be:

  • Valid opening license
  • Deed of the company, CIF of the same and DNI / CIF of the owner and the future owner
  • Transmission document

4. All the procedures, as well as the request for the transmission document, will be carried out at the City Council that corresponds to the business in question.

5. Once the change in ownership of the business has been confirmed, we must continue with its activity within a maximum period of six months from the time of award.


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