What is an entrepreneur? Now is the time for students to easily start a business. However, US has a very low rate of starting a business compared to other countries. Many students do not follow risks, and the idea of ​​stability is the mainstream. Among them, the number of people who want to start a business is gradually increasing. I think there are still many people who are reluctant to start a business or who do not know how to start a business in the first place. This time I will explain what an entrepreneur is and How to become an entrepreneur.

How to become an entrepreneur?
I think there are still many people who are reluctant to start a business or who do not know how to start a business in the first place. This time I will explain what an entrepreneur is and How to become an entrepreneur.

What does entrepreneur mean? What is an entrepreneur?

In US, people who run a company are described in various terms as “entrepreneur,” “entrepreneur,” “entrepreneur,” and “businessman.” What is the difference?

In fact, each word has its own distinct role.  “Entrepreneur” is considered to be the type of manager who opens up new avenues.

If you are a business owner, your role is to manage the organization and take responsibility for your own business, but “entrepreneurs” are also expected to play a role as a pioneer that creates a new world.

To become an entrepreneur

As the existence of investors and funds has become commonplace and the environment for starting a business for 0 dollar has been set up, the number of people who cannot become entrepreneurs due to financial problems is decreasing.

What is needed to become an entrepreneur in modern times is aptitude as an entrepreneur and an entrepreneurial spirit.

So you don’t have to spend all your time preparing to start a business. How to open up new fields and push forward without being confused by the opinions of others.

Also, how you can control your organization with that influence is a necessary factor for becoming an entrepreneur.

What is important in entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur who is expected to play a role as a pioneer who creates a new world, but when organizing a company, that spirit is the core of the company.

Just as many companies have a corporate motto, each entrepreneur has an image to aim for.

What is entrepreneurship?

In a nutshell, entrepreneurship refers to the spirit of self-imposed failure.

Entrepreneurship is a word that contains elements such as a spirit of challenge, imagination, and the ability to stick to one’s thoughts.

Furthermore, in business, it is sometimes regarded as the value of the brand that affects the surroundings. And it is thought that the value given to users differs depending on the entrepreneurial spirit even among companies that handle the same product.

Why Entrepreneurship Is Important?

As mentioned above, entrepreneurship is like a company motto and is considered necessary as a spiritual pillar for any size company.

There are other important indicators such as business plans and capital adequacy ratios that judge the quality of a company. Entrepreneurship is considered essential for unifying the organization and providing its value.

[Entrepreneurial diagnosis] Do you know whether it is suitable or not?

If you have the image of being active as an entrepreneur but have not taken concrete actions, we recommend that you take an entrepreneurial diagnosis.

If you have any dissatisfaction with your job as a salaryman in terms of income or job satisfaction, the results of your entrepreneurial diagnosis may resolve your dissatisfaction.

What is the aptitude found in entrepreneurial diagnosis?

An entrepreneurial diagnosis is an entrepreneurial version of an aptitude test for job hunters.

It is a tool that allows you to objectively grasp your own characteristics. Such as the way of thinking of things by answering some questions intuitively.

As mentioned above, entrepreneurs are responsible for their own business and are responsible for opening up new paths.

Therefore, it is say that the personality to set a goal and the personality to consider the means to reach it are necessary.

In addition, stress tolerance is also required. Having a personality that decides things and not feeling lonely without the approval of others. When trying an entrepreneurial diagnosis, it is important to answer intuitively without thinking.

If you think that you want to be an entrepreneur, you will not know the underlying aptitude, and it will be difficult to tell whether you are really suitable for an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial diagnosis also shows investor aptitude

If an entrepreneurial diagnosis shows that you are sensitive to the movements around you and that you are obsessed with earning money. You are considered to be more suitable for investors than entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs and investors have something common, they make money on their own. But because they do different things, they also have different aptitudes. Investors are a profession that uses money to make money, so it is not suitable for those who want to do their own crunchy work.

Entrepreneurs and investors can be distinguished in terms of love and enthusiasm for people.

Percentage of women playing an active role as entrepreneurs and annual income

We don’t distinguish between men and women, but the reality is that female entrepreneurs have their own ingenuity.

The ability to analyze the roles and perspectives unique to women is the skill necessary to play an active role as an entrepreneur.

What is the percentage of female entrepreneurs in US?

It has been a long time since the United State economy has been active in women’s companies. Such as the birth of female managers. But when it comes to entrepreneurs, the ratio of women suddenly drops to a low level.

According to recent data, some surveys show that it is less than 2%. Which is about 1/10 of the level in the United States.

You can see that there are different difficulties in working in a company and working as an entrepreneur.

Annual income earned by women as an entrepreneur

The percentage of female entrepreneurs annual income has increased 50% compared to before starting a business. This according to a survey conducted by the US Finance Corporation of female entrepreneurs.

There is an image that entrepreneurs can earn big money. But  sometime this is not the case. Sometime when comparing annual income, it seems that there is no big difference from office workers.

Occupations in which women play an active role as entrepreneurs

Survey data shows that the percentage of female entrepreneurs who are active in the fields of retail, restaurants, and education is higher than male entrepreneurs.

Of course, it depends on what kind of business you start your business in, but by dealing with retailers, restaurants, and educational products, you are more likely to have a track record that is comparable to male entrepreneurs.

It is also an industry where women’s perspectives are effective in grasping users. And it can be say that it is recommended for female entrepreneurs in terms of familiarity.



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