How to be a good leader

How to be a good leader

Human beings are used to living in society, in groups of people, in family clans, in groups of friends, in all these groups there is always a person who is the leader of the group, who calls the shots, who is respected by the others and their opinions and suggestions are followed unopposed. Although it may seem easy to be a good leader, in reality it is not, because the personality traits of each one can get in the way of achieving it.

Work for your team

You have to bear in mind that as a leader you are in charge of the people, that you must work for them and not against them.

Stay calm, always.

Do not yell or expose people in public. If you think that someone has done something that is not correct, it is better that you talk about it alone to try to solve it and prevent it from happening again.

Be humble

People are adults and they react badly when they feel that they are mistreated or that they are doing something to the best of their ability and can and continue to demand more of them. The best thing to do right now is to apologize and accept people as they are.

A sense of humor helps

People do not always work 100%, it is possible that sometimes they do not behave seriously. Think that humor relieves tension and can be a good ally to solve certain issues in episodes of stress.

Be generous

Reward people once they have achieved their goals, do not save on praise or rewards in these cases, think that this will give many encouragements to others to achieve their goals.

Take an interest in the human part of your team

Each person is characterized by their qualities and abilities, do not expect everyone to do things that perhaps for some are not among their abilities. Try to discover the best of each one and maximize it.

Be accessible

Listen to people, their ideas, their thoughts, their suggestions, their concerns and do what is in your power to help them.

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