The family businesses are a common organizational model has several advantages, including many of the important decisions are made precisely among members of the same family, father and sons, brothers, nephews, each act as highlighted in the deal. But this condition is what often causes most of the problems in this type of organization, leading to severe conflicts that are not always easy to resolve. That is why here we explain in detail how to avoid conflicts in family businesses and thus guarantee a good working relationship.

Steps to follow:

1. The first step that is essential to take into account to avoid problems in family businesses is to separate the personal from the work. While this is advice that should generally be taken into account in the world of work, when working with the family it is even more important to consider.

Discussions or differences that occur in the family environment should never go to work, otherwise the relationship will be corrupted and it will be very difficult to manage an organization and make important decisions when there is no distinction between conflicts that must be dealt with at home and that correspond to work.

2. In the same way, work issues should be kept aside when the family is reunited in their personal space, thus it will also be possible to separate both scenarios and allow the personal and work relationship not to mix causing conflicts.

3. It is important to understand that, even if it is a family business, the organization must be managed like any other, taking into account that:

Clear objectives and strategies must be outlined for each member of the company, family or not.

It is important to create an organization chart in which the role and responsibility of each family member involved is very clear, so that everyone will know their role in the business.

The salaries and compensation of the family members involved in the company must be in accordance with their preparation, position and functions, as is handled in any other organization.

4. In addition, a good way to avoid problems in family businesses is to hire one or more advisers who are not related to the family. In this way, certain aspects, as with accounting, can be kept under tighter control.


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