Certain procedures are essential when setting up a new business, and we must do it with dedication. We don’t want things to go wrong at such an important time, so there are certain guidelines that you should follow. Among other procedures, one of the fundamental ones is to request a license for activities and facilities, where it is certified that the activity carried out by the business is under regulation. Here we explain the steps to obtain said license.

Steps to follow:

1. Obtaining this license is absolutely essential when we want to start an economic activity, of whatever nature, in a local or warehouse. In the event that in the future we change the economic activity that we carry out, we must request a new one.

2. Depending on the type of activity that we are going to carry out, we will find two types of licenses for specific activities and facilities:

  • Innocuous activities: that do not generate excessive annoyances and are not harmful to any group or to the environment
  • Qualified activities: they are considered to be harmful and annoying for the environment that surrounds them.

3. Before applying for the license, we must prepare a technical project certifying that the premises meet the necessary requirements to carry out the activity. It will have to be prepared by a qualified professional for it. The cost of said project and the corresponding project visa will vary depending on whether or not it is necessary to undertake reforms.

4. Given that this type of license is managed by the City Council that corresponds to the place where the premises are located, we must request the license there, attaching:

  • Technical report and project visa approved for the activity.
  • NIF and CIF of the corresponding company.
  • Payment of the fees corresponding to the license.

5. We must apply for the license before starting our activity, preferably well in advance, since depending on the City Council, it may take several months. On the other hand, once the license is granted, we must start operating within a maximum period of 6 months.


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