Brand Avatar: The Complete Guide to Brand Avatar

Brand Avatar: The Complete Guide to Brand Avatar

Brand Avatar: The Complete Guide to Brand Avatar

Brand avatar innovation is steadily progressing in the fashion world, and the future that was once a dream is becoming a reality. Decide what clothes to wear in your digital wardrobe, try them on with your avatar, and instantly buy more items online to make the most of your clothes. Such a thing is already possible. This is the complete guide to brand avatar. Keep reading!

Brand Avatar: The Complete Guide to Brand Avatar
Brand avatar innovation is steadily progressing in the fashion world, and the future that was once a dream is becoming a reality.
  • Brand Avatar type:

In the future, I think that I will have an “official avatar” that is closer to my own appearance and an “extended avatar” that reflects my inner feelings and hobbies and tastes.

Recently, there are services that allow you to scan yourself and turn it into an avatar at low cost.

The accuracy of 3D scanning has being improving considerably. I think that the threshold for customization is lower for myself who has become 2D and for deformed 3D characters (avatars) such as Atsumori.

I think there will be a situation where avatars are used properly depending on the scene in “official” and “extended”.

  • The future of band avatar fashion:

People all over the world have been forcing to stay at home due to the coronavirus, but many people are looking for ways to spend their time in a limited environment.

Meanwhile, there are signs that the culture that can be enjoyed online will be reviewed again.

The measures of fashion brands were introduced. It is say that measures are being develop that cross online and offline, and distributing products  at physical stores and clothes are  announce at shows for avatars.

Continuing on, as a transition of avatars before Atsumori, as a presentation of his own research on the Internet virtual space service “Second Life”, which attracted attention around the world about 10 years ago, and related “Metaverse” and “Avatar” in 2011 Introducing the presentation made at SIGGRAPH (CG International Conference at the American Computer Society).

In the same announcement, as a result of investigating avatars around the world, from the existence of adventuring on behalf of himself, such as Mario appearing in video games, as technology advances, his own inner and hobbies Reported that it has evolved into an existence that can reflect tastes.

When was Band Avatar Announced?

Nearly 10 years have passed since this announcement, and the corona wreck has arrived. It is said that “Metaverse” is beginning to attract attention again. He pointed out that the difference from the second life boom at that time, which ended with some excitement, was the improvement of PC performance and the situation where consumers became more accustomed to online due to the semi-compulsory stay home. And I have introduced some notable elements related to the current Metaverse.

When you think about what you want to wear on your avatar, it will be linked to your favorite clothes. However, the hurdle is still high unless real shopping and POS information in the virtual world are linked.

In the future, a wide range of generations will become accustomed to online communication, and many people will have avatars.

Since game characters can be said to be their own alter ego “avatars”, it can be said that they have already entered such an era.

So, what to dress to your alter ego? Given that, it’s no wonder that many people want to reflect their hobbies and tastes.

For example, you can wear the clothes you wear today on your avatar.

I hope it will be easier to get Avatar fashion. In conjunction with real shopping and POS information, clothes and accessories of the same brand and design are automatically given to avatars or can be purchased.

I think there is also demand for gifts such as birthdays and Christmas gifts.

Cross-border sales are easy because it is digital. Not in stock.

Luxury brand collection looks are hard to buy in the real world, but you can easily wear them for your avatar. (Or, only loyal customers can control the avatar fashion so that it is not easily available)

There are countless brands in the world, and designs are created and disappear every season, but digital archiving can leave them forever.

SNS giant “Facebook” has also announced that it will start a metaverse “Horizon “like Second Life.

  • Brand Avatar fashion and “3D modeling” site:

Now I talk about how the patterner start using 3D modeling software. I also talk about the effectiveness of digitization, how to use it in business, and the future image. The existence of modeling software for apparel a startup company that developed a 3D fitting service, and arrived at the 3D CAD software “CLO3D”.

One of the challenges of apparel is that trends are changing faster than in the past. While it is necessary to prepare a large number of samples quickly, garment factories are becoming more offshore and production is taking longer. He believes that the problems of materials and time costs required for producing many samples can be solved by replacing them with digital ones.

  • “Gucci” is an item for 3D avatars in partnership with a US startup:

Gucci has expanded its contract with GENIES, an avatar development startup affiliated with Gucci since 2018, allowing users to create original 3D avatars within the Gucci app. Announced that. Along with this, the brand will sell items for 3D avatars.

Genie’s provide 2D avatars so far. But now that it is 3D, the texture of the clothes and accessories you are wearing can be realistically conveyed. In addition, 2D avatars can only be used with major messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. But with 3D avatars, partner companies are in-house. By incorporating the Genies avatar software development kit into the app, it has become possible to use it in a wider range.

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