Entrepreneurship in the IT industry is still a popular industry for entrepreneurs because it is relatively easy to start a business while keeping the initial investment cost low. However, with many IT services being born and disappearing all over the world, it is extremely difficult to create unique services that meet the needs of consumers and clients. Here are 5 Successful IT industry business ideas to refer when starting an IT business.

Entrepreneurship in the IT industry is still a popular industry for entrepreneurs. Here are 5 Successful IT Industry Business Ideas.

IT industry business idea  #1 (Locolist)

The app ” Locolist ” has a “flea market feature” that encourages the individual buying and selling of disused items, but that alone may not be worth mentioning. The great thing about this app is that it is in high demand by targeted users. It is especially useful as a tool for American college students to buy and sell textbooks individually within the university.

Textbooks used in American universities are expensive for students, so they have been sold at second-hand bookstores and auctions to add to the cost of purchasing new textbooks. However, since it is used in the same way in the lectures of the same professor, it is more efficient to turn the used textbooks on campus. Locolist took a look here.

It’s easy to find buyers for textbooks that are no longer needed, and it has the benefit of zero commissions, so if you can’t find a buyer, you can list it in a wide market. It can be said that this high level of convenience was appreciated by students and spread by word of mouth.

IT industry business idea  #2 True Link

“Fintech”, which combines finance and IT technology, is a keyword that has been attracting attention these days, but the use of FinTech in BtoC (business between companies and individual consumers) is an example of a household account book application that automatically calculates the household budget. There was about.

But a more serious demand is in the money management of the wealthy elderly. Elderly people who suffer from dementia and have poor judgment are more likely to be targeted by fraudsters and more vulnerable to damage. Therefore, the guardian manages the assets of the elderly instead, but troubles such as embezzlement continue.

What I noticed there is a service called ” True Link ” that digitally manages the assets of the elderly

The usage status of cash cards and credit cards owned by the elderly is constantly managed on the Internet, and if payments, transfers, cash withdrawals, etc. that appear to be fraudulent are detected, family members and guardians are automatically contacted. is.

Even if your family or guardian is in a remote location, you can use the remote control to disable transactions and set payment and withdrawal limits.

  1. Zappos.com

Many of you are familiar with Zappos.com . It’s a legendary company that Amazon bought with a big deal because it grew up in an online shop with so many enthusiastic fans.

The biggest feature of Zappos is the extreme “customer first principle”. Product shoes are free to “try on” for up to 365 days and are free to return. We have a huge variety of products in stock, so we can ship them quickly.

In the unlikely event that it is out of stock, it will even look for it on the website of a rival company. In addition, 24-hour telephone-enabled customer service is also attractive.

This kind of management is an unconventional method, so it is likely that it will cost a lot of money and time and effort. But in exchange, it’s recording an astonishing 75% customer repeat rate.

  1. reCAPTCHA

” ReCAPTCHA ” is not an unauthorized access by a robot by displaying an image and letting you enter the characters drawn in it when you make important procedures such as Web payment or write a comment on a blog etc., It is a system that confirms that it is a human operation.

The great thing about this system is that the image that lets you enter characters contains characters that could not be read by the computer’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition). In other words, by letting site visitors read the characters on the image file that failed to be read by the computer, the pattern is taught to the artificial intelligence of OCR, which is useful for improving the function.

It can be said that new value is created by reusing things that would otherwise be thrown away. This stunning business model was bought by Google for a large sum.

  1. Maker’s Row

Although there are some interesting ideas about making things, many entrepreneurs are worried that it is difficult to find a company that can make prototypes as they wish within their budget.

” Maker’s Row ” is a website where many small and medium-sized manufacturers with various characteristics are registered, and entrepreneurs can recruit vendors that fit their ideas by bidding. Normally, you will be charged when the match is established, but Maker’s Row is unique in that both entrepreneurs and manufacturers collect a monthly fee. You will be confident that such a good match will be established with a high probability.

Can’t you succeed with ideas alone?

Even if you come up with an idea, that alone does not mean that you will succeed as a business. You have to think about whether there is a need for the business, whether it is a profitable business, or whether it is feasible. It’s important to understand that even if you come up with an idea, you may be limited in what you can do at once at this stage.

If you don’t have an idea or something that you can’t possibly realize, you can start with a business with less risk. Among them, there are cases where we expand our business by taking advantage of the anxieties, dissatisfactions, and needs of our customers, and we have the option of starting a larger business after the business becomes stable and profitable. There will also be.


These 5 Successful IT industry business ideas are just some examples, ideas about entrepreneurship are endless. People who want to start a business and cannot start a business may be worried at the stage of such an idea. All of the “successful businesses” introduced here started from one idea (strength = selling). What kind of mission will the business to be launched have and what will be achieved? By digging into that, I think that hints for starting a business will naturally come out.


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